The Moulard


We’re going to break down each type of duck. And we aren’t saving the best for last. That’s why we’ll start with the Moulard.

The Moulard takes stage after a “Papa Muscovy” and Momma Pekin” duck fall in love or make the biggest biggest of their lives. In other words, the Moulard duck is a hybrid breed. While folks in the US don’t cook with Moulards, this breed is very popular elsewhere across the globe, especially in Europe.

Why do eaters across around the world love it?

The breast meat cuts are particularly hearty and truly delicious. They have a deep red coloring, texture and appearance similar steak and what’s more, are cooked just like a steak: medium-rare doneness on a grill or in a pan. The breasts meat also doesn’t have a gamey taste and with the skin removed, it’s about as lean as skinless chicken breasts but with OH SO MUCH MORE FLAVOR. In short, you can enjoy the Moulard without a catch. That’s why the Moulard is our passion at DUCKCHAR.

Now go try some for yourself.