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Duck Confusion

We spend a lot of time at Food Festivals and Farmers Markets talking to people about DUCKCHAR and Moulard Duck. There is a lot of confusion about the various duck breeds because honestly, it’s confusing. A lot of folks think they have tried Moulard Duck before. Generally speaking, they have not. Different ducks have different tastes, appearances, and applications. And quite frankly, when it comes to cooking and eating, Moulard duck is by far the best tasting duck out there, so tasty that it is known as “Duck Steak”. We are OBVIOUSLY biased but an objective eater would agree, when it comes to the tastiest and best duck, Moulard is King.

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The Moulard

We’re going to break down each type of duck. And we aren’t saving the best for last. That’s why we’ll start with the Moulard.

The Moulard takes stage after a “Papa Muscovy” and Momma Pekin” duck fall in love or make the biggest biggest of their lives. In other words, the Moulard duck is a hybrid breed. While folks in the US don’t cook with Moulards, this breed is very popular elsewhere across the globe, especially in Europe.

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