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Deli Sandwich Game Changer: Corned Duck

Everyone has their favorite deli. You walk in and order the same thing almost every time. It's that good. Maybe it's a pastrami sandwich. Maybe it's corned beef with a side of potato salad. It's always the same and that's a good thing because that sandwich is really freakin' tasty. 

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SoCal Eggfest

A little over a week ago, we attended another Eggfest. We'll set the scene for you. It took place at a private airport Upland, California. There were planes flying overhead, mountains as a backdrop, and BGE smoke rising everywhere. This event was our first in Southern California and it did not disappoint. Our friends at Outdoor Kitchen Creations organized this Eggfest and they were nice enough to let us put on yet another "duck demo." We taught some folks how to grill and pan sear Moulard Duck Breast on a Big Green Egg. Then we all had a bite to eat together.

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Crostini x Duck Breast

DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck Breast make a mean entree. But what happens when you add it to the "little plates" menu? Magic, wonder, bliss... crostini. We've got a totally new take on a classic recipe. What's the difference? We use duck.

Duck Crostini Recipe >

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Cauliflower Pizza Crust x Smoked Moulard Duck Breast

Adding smoked Moulard duck breast to your pizza is a really good idea. Until this very moment, we never imagined that pizza without gluten or dairy could be so delicious. Boy, were we wrong. This recipe is perfect those who want to switch things up on classic dish. The smoking takes a little patience compared to regular za, but it's worth it.

Smoked Duck Cauliflower Crust Pizza Recipe >

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