Duck Confusion


We spend a lot of time at Food Festivals and Farmers Markets talking to people about DUCKCHAR and Moulard Duck. There is a lot of confusion about the various duck breeds because honestly, it’s confusing. A lot of folks think they have tried Moulard Duck before. Generally speaking, they have not. Different ducks have different tastes, appearances, and applications. And quite frankly, when it comes to cooking and eating, Moulard duck is by far the best tasting duck out there, so tasty that it is known as “Duck Steak”. We are OBVIOUSLY biased but an objective eater would agree, when it comes to the tastiest and best duck, Moulard is King.

Mallards v. Moulards

Mallard Ducks are not Moulard ducks. The similar-sounding name is the only similarity between the two. Generally, people encounter Mallards in the wild. Mallards live in the wild, across the world, and are the most common type of duck. As food, Mallards are gamey. They are not typically served in restaurants or sold in grocery stores. Mallards are a trophy bird and hunted for sport. If you have tried Mallard duck, it is probably because you either hunted the bird yourself or you are friends with a duck hunter.

Pekin v. Moulard

If folks are familiar with the taste of duck, it is typically because they have eaten Pekin ducks. Pekin ducks are the most popular duck in the United States. They are sold in grocery stores and served in restaurants. If you go to Chinese restaurant or a higher end restaurant that serves duck, chances are, you are eating Pekin. While Pekin and Moulard ducks are both ducks, they could not be more different.

The Pekins’ taste profile is more akin to chicken, while Moulard Duck is more similar to steak or beef. Pekin duck breasts are much smaller, typically 8 ounces. While Moulard duck breasts and DUCKCHAR Duck Breast are approximately 16 ounces.  The Pekin duck breast appearance is a lighter coloring. Moulard Duck Breast have a deep, red coloring, that many people mistake for beef. Pekin duck breasts have a gamey taste that is similar to wild duck. The Moulards’ taste is a much richer, steak like taste but without the gamey flavor found in Pekins.

Okay, now you know. If you want to learn keep learning about different types of duck, check out some of the helpful links below!

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